Little Friday Storyteller

The idea from this blog came from my writing of a weekly email to my former young colleagues about the financial markets, but in an easier way to digest and uncomplicated by too much jargon. The interest grew, new work colleagues requested to be put on the distribution list.

I have now left this firm but I enjoyed the writing and the feedback and it decided me to continue on a blog format.I hope you will enjoy reading it.

As for myself: I am an investment manager, with more than 12 years experience in financial markets, analysing and trading securities for major financial institutions.

Unfortunately, due to ever stringent compliance requirements, I can no longer display my name publicly. I am happy to have a private conversation with you though. Please use the email form to contact me – I usually answer quickly.

I love being in touch with new people to exchange ideas so do not hesitate to reach out to me on various social media, including the email form of this blog.